Yung-Hi France

Full name

Yung-Hi Kwun France

Alternative names

Yung-Hi Kwun


Dr. Yung-Hi France attended Shimer College in the early years of the Great Books period. She was a member of the class of 1954. She subsequently became an MD.

In 2007, Dr. France was the discussant of the psychodynamic approach at a training held by Richmond Area Multi-Services (RAMS).


  • in "Breaking down a Breakdown", Beauty In the Breakdown, October 2010:
    One of my mentors, Dr. Yung-hi France described the process of a breakdown as “the suffering of a soul which has not discovered his meaning”. Although it may appear at times irresponsible, confused or fragmented, I think a well attended to breakdown is a muck-encrusted journey to numerous treasures. It is not my intention of course, to suggest that when we totally lose it that the results are pretty. Completely loosing track of ourselves always involves considerable suffering. In addition, relationships are often adversely affected by an individual’s retreat into an inner world so the suffering ripples out from individual to the people around him or her.

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