William Harsha

Full name

William W. Harsha

Alternative names

W.W. Harsha

Presence at Shimer



Union College


Seminary period trustee

Rev. Dr. William W. Harsha was a member of the Board of Trustees of Shimer College during the early Seminary period, up to the end of trustee control in 1855. He was a Presbyterian minister, and during his trusteeship was living in Dixon, IL, leading the local Presbyterian Church while also establishing the Dixon Collegiate Institute.

Harsha later moved on to greater opportunities. In 1869, he served as president of the Board of Directors of the McCormick Theological Seminary.[1] In 1883, Harsha became president of what is now Bellevue College in Nebraska, serving until 1888, shortly before the first class graduated.

Harsha was a graduate of Union College, where he received his Doctorate of Divinity.[2]


  • in "Lee County Biography", Karen Holt, accessed 2012-01-10:
    Dr. W. W. Harsha was the first pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Dixon, Illinois. He came to Dixon in 1855 to establish The Dixon Collegiate Institute under the auspices of the Presbytery and served the double duty of college president and as minister to the church congregation for several years.
    In 1856 Prof A.M. Gow took charge to reorganize the school leaving Dr. Harsha more time for his work as pastor of the church. Sometime prior to June 1, 1863 when the second pastor was installed, Dr. Harsha accepted the pastorate of a church in Chicago.




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