Vandelia Thomas

Full name

Vandelia Varnum Thomas

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1854–1923 Illinois Deaths and Stillbirths Index


Alfred University 1881


Seminary period faculty

Vandelia Varnum served briefly on the faculty of Shimer College during the late Seminary period; she is listed in the board of instruction in the Oread of 1886, but not for any other year. She held an AM degree from Alfred University, where she also taught and served as matron from 1880 to 1881.[1] After leaving the Seminary, she took up a career in public speaking beginning in 1887, working for the WCTU and other causes.[2]

She married the prominent Chicago Unitarian preacher Hiram Washington Thomas, of the "People's Church", in 1899.[3] After his death, she devoted herself to establishing various memorials for him.


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