Ursula Rose

Full name

Ursula Rose

Alternative names

Nancy Rose, Nancy Helen Goldsmith Rose, Nancy Goldsmith Rose

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1936– California Birth Index, 1905-1995. ( version.)


Waukegan period faculty

Ursula Rose, formerly Nancy Rose, was a professor at Shimer College in the 1990s, during the Waukegan period. She is especially remembered for her work in establishing the Homework Center, in which Shimer College students tutored students from the nearby North Elementary School.


Brief descriptionEdit

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Ursula Rose (b. 1936) is a medievalist, educator, and specialist in the mythology of bears. Her works include the memoir The Litany: A Game in Time and Space (2006). She has taught at numerous institutions, including Hampden Sydney College and the Great Books program at Shimer College in Illinois. A graduate of UCLA, Rose holds a bachelor's degree in mathematics and a graduate degree in French. (from Shimer College Wiki)


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