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Tryon Farm is a sustainable community near Michigan City, Indiana. The principal developer of the project is long-time Shimer College trustee and two-year interim president Ed Noonan. Several Shimer students have worked at Tryon Farm, including [ Naomi Neal].

in the Shimer conversationEdit

  • Naomi Neal, "Meet Naomi & Meet Tryon Farm", blog.shimer, 2012-05-29:
    It’s this interest—in living sustainably—which led me to the internship at which I’ll be working this summer. I’ll be working at Tryon Farm, which is (not a farm but) a rigorously planned housing development and intentional community in Michigan City, Indiana. Tryon is the brainchild of architect Ed Noonan, who served the past two years as Shimer’s interim president. Noonan and his associates have crafted a new kind of land use on a property which was once a dairy farm: part nature-preserve, part-architectural showcase, and part-model community for incorporating sustainable development tactics into everyday life. Housing clusters are planned so as to disrupt the ecosystems and the visual flow of the landscape as little as possible, and much of the property is permanently barred from development, protected in perpetuity by the Tryon Farm Institute (TFI). Houses at Tryon bear simple, elegant design features (Noonan was a student of IIT’s Mies van der Rohe) which emphasize the beauty of the natural environment, and they’re built to last and conserve resources.
  • Ed Noonan, [ State of the College address], 2012-04-01:
    Two Aprils ago, Don Moon and several Shimer scholars came to Tryon Farm for the planting. I met them all there and the trees have taken root and grown. We were glad you came.
    Two days later, I was at Shimer on my first day as the Interim President and they said, “Hey, Ed, what are you doing here?”
  • Shimer College, "Shimer College president steps down", 2010-04-19:
    Now a renowned Chicago architect, Mr. Noonan currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Chicago Associates Planners & Architects where he has most recently overseen innovative and eco-friendly development projects for Tryon Farm.

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