The Shire was a student run, student owned coffee shop, entertainment venue not on the Mt. Carroll campus but located in Mt. Carroll proper.

It was a sucessor to The Golden Shovel also off campus which in turn was a sucessor to the original Orange Horse , thought to have been founded in 1963 by Rick Pottinger 1965 and held in the Hathaway basement on whatever stage Green Curtain had up at the moment.

Tapes of a a performance at the Shire, on May 6 , 1967 have been found and links have been posted below. Pete Steinau 1972 may have been the first manager, Patrick Murfin 1971 may have been the last manager.

Mark Nelsen 1966 and Danny Smith, a friend of Mike Harris 1965 performed.

Mark Nelsen

  1. to Joseph E] .]
  2. Comeback Baby]
  3. Unknown]
  4. Once Again
  5. dialogue on a broken string]
  6. Mobile Line
  7. Thalidamide Hall ]

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