Harper-McKee croquet

Photo of the most recent documented game of croquet at Shimer, between University of Chicago president William Rainey Harper and Shimer president William Parker McKee in 1898.

St. John's College is a small Great Books college with campuses in Maryland and New Mexico. It has many curricular similarities to Shimer College in Chicago. Many students interested in a rigorous Great Books program apply to Shimer as well as St. John's.

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  • official website
  • on Wikipedia
  • Reflections by a Shimer alum who became a tutor at St. John's:
    Shimer and St. John’s are both very dear to me. I find them endearing, of course, for what they share (which I would parse thus: a commitment to shared inquiry in small groups of people who know one another well and care deeply for both the texts under discussion and those discussing them). But I love them just as much for how they differ—which is in their cultures, far more than in their curricula: Shimer has long insisted on a different, and more difficult, understanding of the unity of theoretical and practical wisdom (of sophia and phronesis) than the one practiced at St. John’s.

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