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Social Sciences 1, or Soc 1, is the first course in the social science component of the Shimer College core curriculum.

Course descriptionsEdit

  • as of spring 2011:
    Social Sciences 1 - Society, Culture, and Personality

    This course concerns the relationship of the individual human being to the society of which he or she is a member. By critically studying this relationship, we ask whether the individual is really free or is determined by society’s norms, and whether these norms themselves might be a product of individual or social creation. Other considerations in the course include the development of personality and the role of culture. (Prerequisite: Integrative Studies 1)
  • Shimer College Catalog, 1977-1978:
    Social Sciences 1 - Culture and Personality

    The first course in the Social Sciences is concerned with socialization -- the knowledge of the ways the human being becomes a person in a particular culture. This inquiry is directed to man's ways of relating to man, child to adult, male to female, generation to generation. The study of the individual in a cutlure is designed to equip the student with knowledge, understanding, andinsights for viewing himself as a person in Western industrial society. Materials are selected from original investigations of preliterate cultures, studies of socialization, psychoanalytic theories, studies of small groups, and sociological reports of industrialization and contemporary American social character.



  • by Adam Kotsko in "Books for the Fall", 2012-05-27:
    This fall, I’m scheduled to teach one course, Social Sciences I (and audit a course for training purposes). The books I have on my desk for course prep are as follows


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