The Shimer Historic District in Waukegan, Illinois, comprises 438, X house, Armstrong, Hutchins and the Admissions building.

The district was designated by the Waukegan City Council in May 2006, at Shimer's request, just before the final Shimer College commencement in Waukegan.[1]

In 2012, historic plaques were added to these and other historic buildings in Waukegan, including Cribb Foods.[2]


  • in "Waukegan buildings with legacies get marked for history", Dan Moran, News-Sun, 2012-04-20:
    “The main thing the Historical Society would like to emphasize is that this is part of our educational outreach,” [Harry Came] said. “What we’re really trying to do is educate people about when these houses were built. There’s a whole (group) if houses, maybe 40, that we’ve put these on, and they are all the way from early houses like the Shimer (College) group from the 1840s all the way up to the 1940s, so there’s about a 100-year span.”



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