This is a partial Shimer College reading list, based on the recent version of the core curriculum published here.

Most classes will have slightly different readings, because the curriculum is constantly in flux, and also because instructors enjoy a certain measure of autonomy with respect to the specific texts assigned.

In addition, of course, this does not account for the 1/3 of the curriculum that is made up of electives chosen by students.

Links currently point to relevant Wikipedia articles.

Humanities 1: Art And MusicEdit

Humanities 2: Poetry, Drama And FictionEdit

Humanities 3: Philosophy And TheologyEdit

Humanities 4: Modern Currents In The HumanitiesEdit

Social Sciences 1: Society, Culture, And PersonalityEdit

Social Sciences 2: The Western Political TraditionEdit

Social Sciences 3: Modern Theories Of Society And PoliticsEdit

Social Sciences 4: Social Perspectives And Social ActionEdit

Natural Sciences 1: Laws And Models In ChemistryEdit

Natural Sciences 2: Evolution, Genetics, Animal BehaviorEdit

Natural Sciences 3: The Nature Of LightEdit

Natural Sciences 4: Modern Scientific RevolutionsEdit

Integrative Studies 2: Foundations Of Mathematics And LogicEdit

Integrative Studies 5: History And Philosophy Of Western CivilizationEdit

Integrative Studies 6: History And Philosophy Of Western CivilizationEdit