Official Shimer outletsEdit

Blogs and blogoidsEdit

Title Authors/maintainers Status Notes
Shimer College and the Future Anyone who asks (more than 50) / SaraDevil Active Megaphone. Useful for broadcast messages/announcements and long-form treatments of current issues.
Shimer Student Alliance Jonathan Sleepy
Shimer Alumni Alliance Blog Alumadmin, Visviva Active Megaphone. Shenderson Developing Central point for information sharing
Shimer College Alumni Speak All alumni / Visviva & Tickletree Sleepy Long-form reflections on Shimer and its place in the world
Shimer College Authors Speak Anybody / Visviva & Tickletree Dormant Pointed excerpts from Shimer core readings
Blog.shimer Internal community / Shimer College Active Informal accounts of the Shimer experience

Shimer groups in larger websitesEdit

Title Authors/maintainers Status Notes
LinkedIn: Shimer College Alumni & Friends Aaron Garland Sleepy Catches people not otherwise connected
Flickr: Shimer FireflyII Active Needs more contributors
YouTube: Shimerians Democratinexile Developing Probably useful only for megaphonic purposes; primary video outlets on FB and elsewhere
LibraryThing: Shimerians Ytrewq Sleepy A logical catchpoint, but not historically successful
LiveJournal: Shimer_College_ the_leewit Sleepy
MySpace: Shimer College
Twitter: #shimercollege n/a Sleepy Primarily megaphonic
Tumblr: posts tagged "shimer college" n/a Sleepy
Reddit: Sex Drugs Socrates oxfordcomma, heathbot2000, ReapingWildOats Very sleepy
Facebook: Shimer Alumni (Unauthorised) Historical Society

Entry pointsEdit

Title Authors/maintainers Status Notes Shimer College Active, sometimes reliable
Wikipedia: Shimer College Anyone, especially Nasty_Housecat Under active development Coalition / Noah Active, mostly static
Open Directory: Shimer College ytrewq Recently updated No longer a major factor in web search


Title Administrators Status Notes
Shimer Student Union Sleepy Includes many alum participants
Shimer Online Action Reactivated Coordination point for online action in support of Shimer

Sites with some Shimer-related activity or potentialEdit

  • MetaFilter
  • Daily Kos - politically problematic, but a fruitful source of interest in reality-based education

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