Rockford Register.1885-02-18.Prof Hazzens Lecture

This is the ocr text of an article from the Wednesday, February 18, 1885 issue of the Rockford Register titled "Prof Hazzens Lecture".

Union? Society, was given by Prof?


patient,” than - 1b ?: revealed in h 1 "tbit verse ivbo^ vbeautifui and BlAplg

A V £ :<iV> * • V m i «• * j’;* • •• 4 A *■*')/• * '• JC*’/* .*-i ■>’' *'fk‘m *•*'«.'/* *

«i.j_ foftly murmuring for more than

the most.

forty years, made the widely Wm&t: WingMeii »V; Pro*

liO'h'gfel loW * ‘ w Ith * 1:ohief&st bd6S,:T

Di’lU___i. '

there is a___________—,—,___..._______

itnagltiatlQh 16 Soriie bf' his lioenis*?ttxat^li taiciss ‘bTiSlbov^i: aU“ comparison with the* others^- In the Hasten' oatalofeue Slbier>:

' Jk W - *«■ i. » >3 M A Mr r » 14 J%. * H A 4 .'1fi ■ It jfct | ap# 1%. IttftJM *11 i V I


ty» the center, ; the! •: kerii^i, f | of American iiteratufe} Lowell second* &s.

th'fe poet of‘’tH© 'inward Hgbt'0VH6imei&-

tbtoth; the poet b£ htiiftbS^Lprij

a I vih ' ih A fiV/iS tflS?: f a '&• \ ;; nV

iS I‘


u ly Ml! m A Vf vm Vp - PMIVV'

F. .. V'W- • • ' t*1: i'A’i'W .

rt * i'ptt- 9 :v :. I a f I tf ■ /1

as re*

garde Loweli: and Holmes. ; The for* ‘ mer.; Is a great' ■ literary critic, f bufc his-" OommemoratlonO dSffi all d; others oii;

Klo cm*! Alia rinamaicA inw• voI'tft Airf

uu<?wu;vi iviv ,PO 4^ vm X, XUftH ftM TOW«

r,lloa:(orW8 £r.»Vp&:oltk'6:w»ria;li

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