Rockford Gazette.1884-07-31.Untitled

This is the ocr text of an article from the Thursday, July 31, 1884 issue of the Rockford Gazette.

The Oread of ML Carroll Seminary, is a large and handsome magazine, containing twenty-eight quarto pages,isaned from The Gazette job office. The number for August, 1884, is jnst out, and, as usual, is filled with good things, and of special value to all interested in education, and having daughters to educate; As the organ and exponent of the Institution from which it emanates, the Oread aims to set forth plainly and fairly its merits, and the facilities it offers those seeking a desirable place to acquire a thorough practical education. Such being its aim, it is obviously the interest of every patron, and all seeking a school to patronize, to receive the Okead regularly. Address Financial Manager, ML Carroll, Carroll Co., HI., and get a sample copy fbee, and learn how students with small means can get a Collegiate, Musical or Art Education.

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