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Robert Russell

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Robert W. Russell

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Yale University 1944


Yale University 1945


Oxford University 1951


Mount Carroll period faculty

Robert W. Russell was a member of the faculty at Shimer College during the early Great Books period, from 1952 to 1955.


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Robert W. Russell (1924–2011) was an American author, wrestler and professor of literature. He is a member of the National Wrestling Hall of Fame. His several books include the bestselling memoir To Catch an Angel: Adventures in a World I Cannot See (1962); he was blind for most of his life. After receiving his B.Lit. from Oxford University in 1951, Russell taught first at Shimer College (which had not yet instituted its Oxford program). He subsequently taught at Franklin & Marshall College until his retirement in 1990. At Franklin & Marshall, he chaired the English department for several years and served as Charles A. Dana Professor of English. (from Shimer College Wiki)


Russell was born in Binghamton, New York on December 30, 1924; his parents were James Russell and May Clarke. He graduated from the New York Institute for the Blind in 1940. He attended Hamilton College for two years, but finished his BA at Yale in 1944. He received his MA from Yale in 1945, a B.Lit. from Oxford University in 1951. It was in Oxford that he met his wife, Elisabeth D. Shaw, whom he married on March 24, 1951.

After his three years teaching at Shimer, Russell took a position as professor of English at Franklin & Marshall College, where he taught until 1990. He served as chairman of the English Department there from 1965 to 1973.

Russell died of cancer in Mount Joy, Pennsylvania on April 1, 2011.


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