This is the text of an article from the Tuesday, December 21, 1897 issue of the Register-Gazette titled "Mt. Carroll".


Large Holiday-Trade Saturday—Vocal Recital—Woman's Club Meets.

Mt. Carroll, Dec. 20. Our merchants did a big business Saturday. There were people in town from nearly all parts of the county. It being the last Saturday before Christmas, people bought largely of holiday goods.....The Methodist fair was quite an attraction Saturday, and from the numbers in attendance it must have been a financial success.... The public schools close for the holidays Thursday, examinations commencing to-day and to-morrow. There has been less disturbance during the last term than any time for several years....The academy closes for a two week's vacation Thursday. The dean, Dr. McKee, the preceptress, Miss Blaine, and Miss Totten, head of the musical department, will spend their vacation here....Most of the churches are planning for their Christmas exercises Friday evening....Mrs. Jacobs' vocal class gives a recital at the academy this evening. Invitations have been sent to friends of pupils, the local trustees and a few friends. It will be held in the academy chapel....The Woman's club will meet inside the city limits this week. Driving a couple of miles over rough roads in a bus on a cold day, to meet with the country members, has been declared a failure. The next time they go they want either sleighing or smooth roads. They meet with Mrs. Fred Smith to-morrow.

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