This is a crude proposed taxonomy of Shimer-related events and ideal response patterns.

Level 0: Peripheral eventsEdit

Events, discoveries, developments, proposals of limited interest.

Examples: interesting new document on, new book published by Shimer alum or faculty,

Spreading the word:

  1. Specific interest groups, e.g. historical findings to the Unauthorized Historical Society, book publications to LibraryThing and Goodreads groups, photo collections to Flickr group.
  2. Possible inclusion in social/microblog feeds

Level 1: Events of general or major interestEdit

Examples: Commencement, Assembly meetings, Firesides, other official Shimer events; news articles touching on Shimer; general fundraising drives

Spreading the word:

  1. Post on community blogs and FB pages
  2. Microblog posts:
    1. Post on Twitter with #shimercollege tag -- should be picked up by @shimerians
    2. Post on Tumblr with "shimer college" tag -- should be picked up by Shimeriana
  3. Aggressive circulation within Facebook
  4. Post on any especially relevant special-purpose groups

Level 2: Seriously major eventsEdit

Your basic "Fear! Fire! Foes!" events, posing a direct and immediate existential threat.

Examples: crises of 1956, 1966, 1973, 1977, 1990, 2009.

Spreading the word:

  1. Notices on every Shimer-related board/group/account everywhere
  2. In-person calling/email campaign
  3. Advertising if applicable

This page is part of the Shimer College Wiki, an independent documentation project. Shimer College, the Great Books college of Chicago, is not responsible for its content.

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