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Ackley Independent/1873-12-13/At Mt Carroll Seminary +At Mt Carroll Seminary  +
Ackley Independent/1873-12-13/Mount Carroll Seminary +Mount Carroll Seminary  +
Alton Evening Telegraph/1957-01-24/College at Creal Springs Closed Its Doors in 1916 +College at Creal Springs Closed Its Doors in 1916  +
Alton Telegraph/1878-08-08/Untitled +Untitled  +
Alton Telegraph/1878-10-03/Mt Carroll Seminary +Mt Carroll Seminary  +
Alton Telegraph/1879-08-28/Upper Alton +Upper Alton  +
Alton Telegraph/1881-06-30/Upper Alton +Upper Alton  +
Alton Telegraph/1888-08-17/A Days Notations +A Days Notations  +
Belleville Telescope/1879-08-28/Mt Carroll Seminary +Mt Carroll Seminary  +
Carroll County Republican/1857-01-09/Untitled +Untitled  +
Carroll County Republican/1857-04-03/The Examination +The Examination  +
Carroll County Republican/1857-12-25/The Entertainment +The Entertainment  +
Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette/1894-12-24/The City in Brief +The City in Brief  +
Cedar Rapids Times/1881-02-24/Rudimental Singing Class +Rudimental Singing Class  +
Chicago Herald/1891-06-10/Among Other Institutions +Among Other Institutions  +
Chicago Herald/1891-11-22/Mystery of the Lake +Mystery of the Lake  +
Cicero Vindicator/1885-12-26/Untitled +Untitled  +
Davenport Daily Leader/1896-07-13/A Celebrated Will Case +A Celebrated Will Case  +
Davenport Gazette/1884-01-25/Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music +Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music  +
Davenport Morning Tribune/1888-01-13/Untitled +Untitled  +
Dixon Evening Telegraph/1952-07-01/George Cossman Receives Degree at Shimer College +George Cossman Receives Degree at Shimer College  +
Dubuque Telegraph/1901-03-25/Untitled +Untitled  +
Eau Claire Free Press/1886-09-07/Personal +Personal  +
Frances Shimer Quarterly/1910-06/Memorial for Mrs. C.M. Gregory Lansing +Memorial for Mrs. C.M. Gregory Lansing  +
Freeport Daily Bulletin/1880-07-02/Town Talk +Town Talk  +

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