This is the ocr text of page Oread]] of the Friday, January 1, 1869 issue of the Oread.

THE OREAD. rTlHIS INSTITUTION WAS INCORPORATED BY LEGISLATIVE'ENACTMENT. A D 1S52. In Mav, 1853. a «cliool X *«" first opined under the charter, by Mis* FitAHCr.s A Wood vnow Mrs. Smuu) and Mi*a C. il. Froni that lime to Me present, it t»s continued wtllmnt interruption in charge of the same Principal*. _ The firvt Term opened with elevoi pupil*, and clowd with forty/ Sinoc that lime t*ie number* in attendance and Ihe pro«p*rity of tlie Institution liave been conslantly incre**inp. MIT it I as obtained A position truly enviable, *i:d second to no similar one in tlie Wm. Tvo addition* ha** been made to the orvrinaX Ivitding, one in 1^57. atnl one in 1M>6 nnd ’67. Tlie la*t addition hits not only large* )y increased the accoinnn>dation*. but with tlte clianire* in the original building, the character ol the accommodations aie greatly improved, the room* tiT students being much lamer and more convenient. .... . _ ,, „ „ _ , The Institution ha« a rtvliehtfal site, containing twentT-foiir acres, located in the cily of Monnt Carroll. Carroll Lonnty, Illinois, ten miles from the Mi»sif.sippi Hirer. The Wester^ Union Railr.wd pnx-'-e* through the p’ace, ot>e.iin* direct cmnnmnicntioi: E»«t, via Freeport to Chicago, and West, via Savanna, the nearest point on the Mississippi River, to all points north or south, thus making Ihe place enav ol acccaa. boXrd~7)]FT^ FRANCES A. WOOD SHIMER, ) CINDARELLA M. GREGORY, C Pnscn>At8. * HENRY SHIMER, M D. A. M„ Higher Mttliematici nnd Natural Science. JUt. C. K, COLYER, Languages and Phonography. R. A. HULL, English Literature, French and Gymnastic*. M. F. WATERBUKV’ ' Higher English Branches. J. C. HALL. Afwintant in Mathematics. L. C. BCRTOX, Assistant in Elementary Enp]i«h, DkrASTMBXT of Mr«r—Piano, Orpan. Goitar, Thorough Bate. Vocaliantion and Vocal ilu**icf M. O. MASON', Principal. L. Z. Tar*, ? * 4 . . * M. M. MoDaxijxs, } ' M. M. BURT, Drawing, Pencil andXmyon, Ac. \ As“*,ant ■ Mss. F. A. W. SHTMER, Financial Manager. Mim ELLEN KSPIE, Hooae keeper. CALEXDAl?, &C. The Tall Term of the Sixteenth School Year opened September 17th, 18G8, and closed December 23d | Winter Term “ ................January 4th, 1869, •• closet April 6th Spring Term " “______“ opens April 7th, 1869, “ “ June 10th’. ^muial foininatioir, Ccmmcncrmcnt (trcrciscs, Scents’ Sc-union nnb Ihcatian as follofos: The Sixteenth Annual Examination will bpgin .Inne Cth, 1809, an<l end Jnne 9th. The Annual Exerci*e* of the “Stcdests’ Us c.nios.” Jnne 10th, A. M. 1Ue Annual Commencement Exercise*, Jnne 10th, P. M. Summer Vacaiinn, fiom .lane 11th *o September 17tb. Winter Vscatioti, from December 23d to January 4th g To Student* attending by the year, boardinp, with fnmMied room, tuition io all branches of the Academic and j parlment* incidental*, fue., light* and fcaahinc wi»li u«ual limitation*. at .*176 per •chmil year. Ornamental __»- ,'rP*r*- are the o»lv extra*. Students ktUnding Ie»« than one trhool year wiil be charged ten r< r cent. additional or. above raim riBMnui—Student’* room* are fnrnixhed with stove, chain, study Maud, wash-*,tand, bedstead. roatlr*« o.ll, , , pitcher, mirror, and carpet and oil-eloth f..r floor*. 1 P'Howi, waah-bovl, STcnort *»* KjewrrD to rraxisn their own towrt*. broomf pail, Vem«ene lamp, ratlin* and Wldin. -_____________■ .. , pillow cases, and one or two beU-.jnilU, according to tlrf bererity of tlte weather. * d ng, Consisting of one p»;r of Extras. French, G«man and Greek, eaeii per*chool year, 00' Tnitio.. Mu*ieon Piano, Melodeon, ih-ean,-Guitar,each per *chool y r. 44 (Hi. Tuition Private Lenaofi* in Vocal Mu*ic, CuJtivation of veice “ “ 14 00 i “ U*e of instrument, one boor per dsr, •* “ 8 (W I Painting in Oil Colors with u*e of Patter«n, “ *• 24 00 “ Collegiate Mezzotint Crayon, o*e of patterns and Hair Flower*, •• ** 24 00 Incidental* Monochromatic and Drawing, * <* Vitfil MdMc hi 44 Rat Scholars attending 1cm than a year will pav by the term the fractional part ol tl P*T*IC>TS IK Autajoi trom B.mrding Pupil* a* fol!„w* : Sei.tember 17th *44- Jf, T t Thk Coras* or Stvdt embr,ces fi.e year*. Stadenta prepared to enter an advanced c the conrfe in a nhorter time. "u c (Ml: Vocal h U*i£ in CllMM 10 00 Dtri-OMA* are conferred on pnpil* complctini: 1h* prescribed coqrw A TI*rnKa’s Coctai ,« arra.^e.1 for lh.«e laving teaching a* a profe«ion in view eerve a Teacners Diploma. to v »iew, and tk«s« comi ’etine it hi r fir for cireglars, giving more full partie.nlsr., a-Wress »,u Vu'tarah Moot Ca*u>, . c Cairoll, Cvr*

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