Shimer College Waukegan Dormitory Modern

The North Avenue Dorm, often known simply as the Dorm, was the principal dormitory of Shimer College during the Waukegan period. It was located about four blocks from the rest of the Waukegan campus, at 536 N. North Ave.

A three-story brick building in the Victorian style, it bears the inscription "E.V. Will". It reportedly served for a time as a sanitarium for tuberculosis patients. The Lake County GIS does not list a date of construction.

The Dorm contained 18 student rooms, six on each floor. Each floor contained two triples, on the east side of the stairway, and four smaller rooms on the west side that served either as doubles or singles (singles usually being reserved for seniors working on a senior thesis). The basement contained community rooms, vending and laundry machines.

The Dorm was the first building actually purchased by Shimer College in Waukegan, at the time of the move in the winter of 1978; the 438 building, which housed the classrooms and administrative buildings, was initially a rental.

When Shimer moved to Chicago in 2006, the Dorm was sold and re-converted to apartments. As of 2011, it was managed by Shumaker Apartments.




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