Nathaniel Halderman

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Nathaniel Halderman

Alternative names

Nathaniel Haldeman[1]

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Seminary period trustee

Nathaniel Halderman, last name also sometimes spelled Haldeman or Halteman, was a member of the original Board of Trustees of Shimer College, from the dawn of the Seminary period in 1852 to the end of Trustee control in 1855. Halderman and John Wilson were the only members of the board of incorporators who remained on the board until the end of trustee control in 1855.

Halderman was born in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania in 1811, and was in business in Norristown in that county in the early 1840s, along with John Rinewalt. Halderman's wife, Elizabeth McCoy, whom he married after moving to Mount Carroll in 1841, was also from Norristown. He was the co-founder with David Emmert of the Emmert & Halderman mill, which started operation in 1842.

Halderman was elected the first mayor of Mount Carroll in April 1867, on an anti-liquor-license ticket.[1]

Shimer connectionsEdit


  • on RootsWeb (Alice Horner)
  • in History of Carroll County, Illinois (1878):
    Nathaniel Halderman, of the firm of Emmert, Halderman & Co., seems to have been the representative, or business man, of the Mill Company, and to have conducted all their business matters, particularly in arranging and adjusting the differences that came up between his company and the county, and to no one man, perhaps, is there due a greater degree of credit for the inauguration and management of the public interests of Mount Carroll than to Nathaniel Halderman, who, though now nearing the last of the years allotted to man, is remarkably well preserved, intellectually and physically, and one of the most active business men of the community, and highly respected not only at home, but abroad.


  1. So in Selected papers of Jane Addams

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