Mercy Steffens

Full name

Mercy Jane Hammond Steffens

Alternative names

Mercy J. Hammond

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Seminary period alum

Mercy Steffens, née Mercy Hammond, was a student at Shimer College during the early Seminary period. She was an active participant in the Lyceum, and in the revival led at the Seminary during the winter of 1856-1857 by Rev. Sidney Estee.


  • in "Life Resume", 1902, reprinted in "Mercy Jane Hammond", Our Hammond and Hale Ancestors, Elton A. & Janice T. Watlington, 2005, p. 71:
    When I was seventeen was sent to Mt. Carroll Female Seminary twenty miles from home. It was a good school and there I met Sister Mary Ann Steffens, the sister of him who became my companion later. She was a dear girl, and my love for her is still warm and deep; will ever be while life lasts.
    I was at this school for three years or part of the time here when I first felt the need of a Saviour and saw my own sinfulness. It was my last winter at the Seminary and a great religious revival was in progress there. Many of the students were among the seekers. It was a decisive step for me and one I always rejoiced over, though I've been such a weak follower of the dear Saviour who has done so much for me. After going home I joined the M.E. Church as most of our family belonged to that church, there being no Congo Church in that place.

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