I was only at Shimer for a year. I didn't get to know many people. That probably had to do with being a breakfast cook and then helping to manage the student union (which was two pool tables and a juke box). The money from the cooking went to pay my tuition and the money from the SU went into my pocket. I left after that year and transferred to Pace College (now Pace University). On one of the last days at Shimer I was hanging out between the gym and the room masquerading as a sort of student grille. I began or she began a conversation, She had long hair was intelligent and good looking. I didn't take a phone number and neither did she.

Back to Pace. Fortunately or unfortunately I met Billy Coswell ( of the Cowsills...get it) and a guy named Dave Gilbert. We all dropped out and formed a music business thing. We managed groups and produced records. Fine times. 

I was staying at my parent's house and had turned part of the basement into an office. I came home early one evening and my mom told me that someone name Melissa had called. She was in New Jersey with a friend. We spoke and arranged to meet in from of MOMA the next day. I drove in my white TR-4 (!!!!!!!) parked and waited for her. I had been there for about fifteen minutes when from the corner of sixth avenue (avenue of the Americas) this young lady with a sort of mia farrow crew cut comes running down the street and, honest, throws herself into my arms.

We were together for five years. They were not all good. They were not all bad. Twenty is really young to get married. In 1973 we were on our way to visit her sister in Maine. We would spell each other. I was sleeping. I woke in a hospital all sewn and broken and a widower.

I have had a great life. I have done whatever I felt like doing. But I still think of her every day.

Melissa1968onadayoff (3)


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