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Marion C. Hallett, later Marion Corlett Hallett Jones, was a 1902 graduate of Shimer College, in the early Academy period. She went on to attend the Oread Institute[1] and Pratt Institute[1]. She won the National Magazine scholarship to attend the Oread Institute. She later worked for 3 years managing school cafeterias in St. Louis.

In 1907, Hallett took a position managing the lunchroom at Lincoln High School in Seattle, also the workplace of her classmate Rosabel Glass. Hallett continued working there until at least 1909. At some subsequent point in time, she married an Arthur Kemp Jones.[2]

The 1902 Annual Calendar lists Marion C. Hallett as both a student for the 1901-1902 academic year, and as an "Assistant in the Introductory Department".[3] The 1903 Calendar lists her residence as Sterling, IL.[4]

Later in life, Hallett authored a genealogical work, The Hallett and allied families.[5]


  1. "Graduation at Oread Institute", Worcester Daily Spy, 1903-06-18, p. 6.


  • in Frances Shimer Quarterly 1:1, 1909:
    Miss Marion C. Hallett, '02, now has charge of the lunchroom of the fine, large, new Lincoln High School in Seattle, Wash., with twenty assistants under her.
    Miss Rosabel Glass, '99, is now instructor in history in the high school in Seattle, Wash. Miss Marion C. Hallett is in the same school.


Marion hallett 1903

Marion Hallett in the National Magazine in 1903

  • in National Magazine, vol. 17, pp. 456-458:
    We take pleasure in presenting, in this number, the portrait of Miss Marion Corlett Hallett, of Stirling, Illinois, the winner of the National Magazine scholarship at Oread Institute, Worcester, Massachusetts. Miss Hallett, at our request, outlines briefly the course of study at Oread and, incidentally, expresses her satisfaction with it:
    "Oread Institute is a school of domestic science. It is endowed by Henry D. Perky, a man of wealth and philanthropy, who feels it his pleasure to maintain this establishment. Consequently, he has devoted his time and money to continue the most successful school of its kind in America. Every year he bestows a scholarship on each state in the Union; and the young woman who is able to secure one of these possesses a great privilege in being able to spend a year at Oread. The National Magazine was so liberal as to offer a scholarship. I feel unboundedly grateful to the management of this periodical for the privilege I am enjoying this year.
    "The curriculum includes the following subjects: cookery, chemistry of food, marketing, house economics, practical housework, laundry, sewing, sanitation, physical training, elocution, English composition, physiology, physics, chemistry, bacteriology, emergencies, history of foods, feeding of infants and children, pedagogy and psychology. It is very complete and the students are thoroughly taught to be home-makers."
  • in the Seattle Sunday Times, 1907-12-08, p. 23: "Pupils Get Their Lunches at Cost"


  • Relationship to the brickmaking Halletts of earlier Shimer history?

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