Lillian McAffee

Full name

Lillian Seymour McAffee

Alternative names

Lillie Seymour, Lillie McAffee, Lilla Seymour,[1] Lilly Seymour[2], Mrs. E.M. McAffee

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

c. 1852–1903


Seminary period alum


Roscoe, IL
Mount Carroll, IL
Kramer, IN

Lillian McAffee, née Lillian Seymour, was a student at Shimer College in the Seminary period, graduating from the music program in 1871 and again with a non-musical diploma in 1875.[1]

She married local homeopathic physician Edwin McAffee[3] after the death of his first wife, Achsa, in 1875.[4] They lived for a time in Mount Carroll, and later moved to Kramer, Indiana, where her husband managed the medical springs. She died in May 1903, shortly after the deaths of her sisters Viola and Imogene.[3]

McAffee is listed in the 1860 census as age 9 and living in the household of Philander Seymour.

Shimer connectionsEdit


  • in "In the Long Ago", Thomas H. Fraser, chapter 19:
    Col. J. M. Thomson was principal of the [Union High School] at this time, with Miss Mary Hathaway of Savanna and Miss Marsh of Freeport as his assistants in the" Fifth Room." The teachers remembered as presiding over some of the lower departments were Miss Hattie O'Neal, Miss Louise Bartholemew,and Miss Lillian Seymour.



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