Lillian Garst

Full name

Lillian Hamblin Garst

Presence at Shimer



Lillian Hamblin Garst, maiden name also spelled Hamblen, was a student at Shimer College during the Seminary period, graduating in 1881. She subsequently worked as an instructor of vocal music in Chicago.

Profiled inEdit

  • 1895 Oread:
    Mrs. Lillian Hamblen Garst and the stranger who was given a warm welcome as one of the "brothers-in-law" of the institution, visited the Seminary before going East and delighted the household with music, rare and artistic, and also by their cordial, and sympathetic manner. They are now in Cleveland and expect to go abroad later.
  • Frances Shimer Quarterly 1:1:
    Mrs. Lillian Hamblin Garst, '81, with her husband, both of whom are musicians of prominence in Chicago at the present time, are to give a recital in the auditorium of the Academy on April 14. Their visit is expected with much pleasure, especially on the part of old friends and students of the school.

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