Waukegan KoKo house exterior back door

Back door (south side) of KoKo house.

KoKo House was a small one-story rectangular building located at the north end of the Waukegan campus of Shimer College, at 125 Cory Ave. Comprising a singe large room, restroom, and small kitchen, it served as the communal dining area during the middle to late Waukegan period. It was also the site of the Homework Center, which provided after-school tutoring to students from the neighborhood.

KoKo was acquired by Shimer College in the early 1990s, as part of the three-building YWCA complex that also included Prairie House and the Gymnasium. KoKo had originally been the garage for Prairie House, and its walls were similarly stucco-clad. It took its Shimer name from the gorilla KoKo.


  • in "The Joseph P. Arthur Residence"
    The property also includes the original garage executed in the Prairie style with a slab roof and stucco cladding.



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