• Born on this date: Michael Lipsey
  • Articles published on this date: Ackley Independent.1873-12-13.At Mt Carroll Seminary, Ackley Independent.1873-12-13.Mount Carroll Seminary, Alton Evening Telegraph.1957-01-24.College at Creal Springs Closed Its Doors in 1916, Alton Telegraph.1878-08-08.Untitled, Alton Telegraph.1878-10-03.Mt Carroll Seminary, Alton Telegraph.1879-08-28.Upper Alton, Alton Telegraph.1881-06-30.Upper Alton, Alton Telegraph.1888-08-17.A Days Notations, Belleville Telescope.1879-08-28.Mt Carroll Seminary, Carroll County Republican.1857-12-25.The Entertainment, Cedar Rapids Evening Gazette.1894-12-24.The City in Brief, Cedar Rapids Times.1881-02-24.Rudimental Singing Class, Chicago Herald.1891-06-10.Among Other Institutions, Chicago Herald.1891-11-22.Mystery of the Lake, Cicero Vindicator.1885-12-26.Untitled, Davenport Daily Leader.1896-07-13.A Celebrated Will Case, Davenport Gazette.1884-01-25.Mount Carroll Seminary and Conservatory of Music, Davenport Morning Tribune.1888-01-13.Untitled, Dixon Evening Telegraph.1952-07-01.George Cossman Receives Degree at Shimer College, Dubuque Telegraph.1901-03-25.Untitled, Eau Claire Free Press.1886-09-07.Personal, Frances Shimer Quarterly.1910-06.Memorial for Mrs. C.M. Gregory Lansing, Freeport Daily Bulletin.1880-07-02.Town Talk, Freeport Daily Bulletin.1880-12-23.Tales Out Of School, Freeport Daily Bulletin.1881-01-08.Town Talk, Freeport Daily Bulletin.1881-06-04.Town Talk, Freeport Journal.1854-11-16.Mount Carroll Seminary, Freeport Journal.1856-10-17.Mass Convention, Freeport Journal.1858-02-04.Died, Freeport Journal.1872-04-17.Untitled, Freeport Journal.1878-03-13.Untitled, Freeport Journal.1878-07-31.The Mt Carroll Seminary, Freeport Journal.1879-04-30.Business Cards, Freeport North-West.1865-09-21.Untitled, Grand Forks Herald.1885-07-18.Conservatory of Music and Art, Grand Forks Herald.1885-08-03.Personal, Inter-Ocean.1874-12-18.From Mt Carroll, Inter-Ocean.1875-02-21.Mount Carroll Seminary, Inter-Ocean.1875-06-05.Anniversary of the Seminary, Inter-Ocean.1875-12-27.Untitled, Inter-Ocean.1877-06-05.Downers Grove, Inter-Ocean.1877-06-08.Mt, Inter-Ocean.1878-06-05.Mount Carroll Seminary, Inter-Ocean.1881-08-13.Mt Carroll Seminary, Inter-Ocean.1881-10-01.Untitled, Inter-Ocean.1881-11-19.Untitled, Inter-Ocean.1886-06-13.Oak Park, Inter-Ocean.1887-10-19.Illinois Baptists, Inter-Ocean.1887-12-16.Dairymen at Mt Carroll, Inter-Ocean.1888-12-28.Endowment of Mt Carroll Seminary... further results

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