Letter from John Rinewalt to J.V. Allison, dated Monday, February 16, 1857. From an extract copied into the Seminary stock book.

Extract from a letter of J. Rinewalt Esq. to Rev. J.V. Allison dated Philadelphia, Feb. 16th, 1857.

"I wrote very hastily this morning to Sisters Wood & Gregory. I entreated them not to yield an inch, but go forward in the discharge of their duties, fearing nothing & caring less of what the Devil may say & do—to give themselves no thought, not a moment, about the "Union School." Let them try it & in less than three months they will be like the "Kilkenny Cats," devour themselves. You know something about the public spirit & Benevolent hearts of the opposition. We had a fair exemplification of it in the building of the present Seminary. If sisters Wood & Gregory had not taken it, it would now be a Stench in the nostrils in any decent Community. They are entitled to all the credit of that splendid institution & so help me God they shall not be trodden on if my feeble efforts can do any thing to avert it. How contemptibly mean, for a few would be leaders & moulders of society, to try to injure a few Ladies who came there in a new country & made sacrifices & labored under great inconveniences to build up our community—to turn on them & try to put them down. Language is too weak to describe such persons, & if God in his Great mercy will not have mercy on them they are Gone cases.

See the teachers & encourage them to pay no attention to any thing said or done, but to go on in the discharge of their duty, both as to God & their School, & my life for it, after this foul vapor has passed away, which will soon be the case, they will be more highly appreciated than ever. Gold after passing through the fire, I am told, looks brighter than ever. Just so it will be with these teachers."


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