Letter from John Rinewalt and Nathaniel Halderman to Cindarella Gregory and Frances Wood, in Shimer College Collection, Box 5.

Mount Carroll July 8th 1854

Misses Wood & Gregory:

Dear Ladies,

We have instructed our Bankers in Galena to forward us their check on New York for one thousand dollars; on receipt of it will forward it to you.

The Board of Trustees have not yet been successful in securing a loan on as favorable terms as desired, but have little doubt but what they will during the fall. We have concluded to advance the above amount until the loan can be secured, bu this fact we wish kept from the knowledge of the board, as it might weaken their efforts if knoown that we were forwarding the money.

The Seminary is progressing [fairly?] -- Mr. Alison will write you soon.

Please let us hear from you soon. All well & weather very warm.

Respectfully yours,

Rinewalt & Halderman

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