John M. Rinewalt

Full name

John Miller Rinewalt

Presence on Earth



Academy period trustee

John Miller Rinewalt was a Trustee of Shimer College during the Academy period, and had probably also been a student during the Seminary period. Born in 1856 in the old log cabin that had been built to house laborers for the Emmert & Halderman mill,[1] he was the son of early Seminary backer John Rinewalt, who died in 1863 when John M. was still young. The elder Rinewalt had paid the furniture debt of the Seminary in exchange for a life scholarship for his son.[2] The younger Rinewalt, after his early education in Mount Carroll, studied at Beloit College and Illinois State University, becoming a banker in Iowa in 1884.

In 1879, Rinewalt married fellow Seminary alum Ella Shirk.

Rinewalt was a delegate to the 1900 Republican National Convention.[3] He was listed as a director of the Beloit State Bank in 1899.

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