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John Bellairs was a member of the faculty at Shimer College during the 1966-1967 academic year, teaching courses including Humanities 3. He also served as resident head of McKee Hall, succeeding Harry Golding. Like many Shimer faculty, he left in the aftermath of the Grotesque Internecine Struggle which broke out during the 1966-1967 year.

Bellairs' time at Shimer coincided with the publication of his first book, St. Fidgeta and Other Parodies.

More information on John Bellairs may be found at This points to the Mt Carroll year, but there is more there than just that.

Brief descriptionEdit

This brief description is released under the CC0 copyright waiver.John Bellairs (1938–1991) was an American novelist working primarily in the Gothic genre. He is best-known for the children's classic The House with a Clock in its Walls 1973) and for the pathbreaking fantasy novel The Face in the Frost (1969). Bellairs held a bachelor's degree from Notre Dame University and a master's in English from the University of Chicago. He combined writing and teaching from 1963 to 1971, including a year at Shimer College that coincided with that school's storied Grotesque Internecine Struggle. After 1971, he took up writing as his full-time work. (from Shimer College Wiki)


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