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Jessie Miles

Full name

Jessie Mae Hall Miles

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth



Seminary period alum, Seminary period faculty, Academy period trustee

Mrs. Jessie Hall Miles was an 1885 graduate of Shimer College, during the late Seminary period. She married Jacob Herbert Miles in 1897.

After the death of Frances Shimer in 1901, Mrs. Miles was one of the three executors of the Frances Shimer estate, along with Winona Sawyer and Isabel Dearborn Hazzen.

During her later life, Miles gave small prizes for student achievement in Latin. After Miles' own death, a student scholarship was established in her honor.




  • in Frances Shimer Quarterly 1:1, March 1909:
    In the week of February 20 the executors of Mrs. Shimer's estate, Mrs. Isabel D. Hazzen, Mrs. Winona Branch Sawyer, and Mrs. Jessie Hall Miles were together at the home of Mrs. Sawyer in Lincoln, Neb., considering business in connection with Mrs. Shimer's estate.
    Miss Margaret Powell, of Chicago, '87, visited friends in Mt. Carroll in the summer, including Mrs. Jessie Hall Miles.
  • in Frances Shimer Record 20:3, October 1929:
    Jennie Boty Beck ‘92-’94, and her daughters, Naomi and Percilee, of Los Angeles, spent several weeks in Mt. Carroll during the summer as the guests of Mrs. Beck’s aunt, Mrs. Jessie Hall Miles ‘85.
  • in Frances Shimer Record 42:1, January 1950:
    The Jessie Hall Miles Scholarship
    In 1945, Mr. J. H. Miles deposited with the college the sum of $2000 in U. S. Government Bonds, representing the principal of a student aid fund that was administered by Mrs. Miles for many years as a ms of helping students to attend the college. The present value of fund is $2,416.13 and the estimated annual income is $124.00.

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