J.V. Allison

Full name

James V. Allison

Alternative names

J.V. Allison

Presence at Shimer


Presence on Earth

1816–1888 [1]


Seminary period faculty, Seminary period parent

J.V. Allison was the first pastor of the First Baptist Church in Mount Carroll, where he arrived in 1853. While serving previously as pastor of Vincent Baptist Church, he had baptized the young Henry Shimer.

Allison served as the first teacher of languages at the new Seminary.

Allison left Mount Carroll in 1859, and later served as pastor at Pawnee Rock, KS until his death at age 75. His daughter, Mary Jenks, attended the Seminary and was one of the first four recipients of the Laureate of Arts in 1862.

Profiled inEdit

  • The history of Carroll County (1878):
    Rev. J. V. Allison was the first pastor of the church, and remained from the organization of the church until the Autumn of 1859. During his pastorate the present house of worship was commenced and the basement finished.
  • Carroll County: A Goodly Heritage:
    The Reverend J.V. Allison, who responded to [John Rinewalt|Mr. Rinewalt]]'s inquiry for a minister interested in coming to Mount Carroll, was then pastor of the Blockley Church in Philadelphia. He had been educated in Pennsylvania academies and ordained at the historic Vincent Baptist Church in Chester County. He had served as superintendent of state missions for the Pennsylvania Convention and as financial agent of the university at Lewisburg. In the spring of 1853, he and his family left Pennsylvania to cast their lot with the Baptists in Mount Carroll.

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