Inter-Ocean.1888-12-28.Endowment of Mt Carroll Seminary

This is the ocr text of an article from the Friday, December 28, 1888 issue of the Inter-Ocean titled "Endowment of Mt Carroll Seminary".

KX DOWS EXT OP ST. C1BKOLL SEXINABT. | Afx. Cabsoix, HL^Dea 24.—7o <Atf JStfiior.— ' 311. Carroll Seminary is offered aa a gift to the : R W. C, a, providing $100,000. within a lim- | ited time, ia secured as an endowment The Xstes OccAXof the 25th records the ; $10,000 Christmas gift of 31c. Canfield, the million airs lumberman, to a favorite niece, and one of the daughters of ill Caroll exclaims, as the reads: "Oh, that the seminary had an uncle.” The wish is echoed and re-echoed by j many a sister. What man would not think he j had found tho fountain of youth if ne could in some way come into such close relationship to i so much young life? Is there not some one: whoso beneToieace is as big as the millionaire’s ; puree yet to ba round among the unknown tin ; of the institution? Ohara.

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