Integrative Studies 1 was an introductory course in the Shimer College curriculum. It was removed from the curriculum in 2012, although it had not actually been offered for several years before that time.[1]


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    In this course you will learn how to work with original source texts, not textbooks, and you will gain the skills necessary to succeed in college. The professor will guide you and your classmates as you develop your abilities as a reader, a writer, and a discussion participant. Different texts require different analytic techniques, and in this course you will learn to see how great authors organize and present ideas. In so doing, you will learn to organize and present your own ideas in both oral and written form. Course reading lists may vary slightly from year to year. (You can place out of this class by successfully completing a placement examination and then passing either Social Sciences 1 or Humanities 2.)


  • by Barbara Stone, in Academic Affairs Address, 2011-11-13:
    We have removed IS1, Integrated Studies I: Analysis Logic and Rhetoric, from the Core Curriculum. It has been “on the books” for decades, but we have not offered it for a number of years. Students have received credit for this course once they have successfully passed Soc 1 and Hum 2, but since recent students have not needed the course, this has turned into “bonus” credits. This change will be implemented in Fall 2013 so that students aren’t earning credit for IS1, Thesis Prep and Senior Thesis.


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