Humanities 1 is a course in the Shimer College curriculum that focuses on the elements and forms of music and visual art.


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    Humanities 1 investigates the elements and forms of the musical and visual arts. This course is primarily about the tasks of active listening and viewing, and of developing the ability to articulate one’s responses to works of art and music. The course is organized according to a layering principle, beginning with works that are “simple” in the sense that they underscore a particular element: melody, harmony, tonality in music; line, color, shape in the visual arts. As the course progresses, the works become more complex and the listening and viewing faculties are applied to works in which formal properties are paramount. The learning process is enhanced by [ trips to concerts and museums in Chicago], as well as by the study of works on aesthetics which explore the definition of art and the relationship of the artist to the work itself and to the audience.

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