Shimer Hostetter

Hostetter Hall in 2010.

Hostetter Hall, originally West Hall, was a dormitory, last used as a dorm in 1964-1965, on the Shimer College campus in Mount Carroll. It then became entirely a class room build, but for the ground floor. The Language Lab was installed on the 3rd floor in late 1966 and first used Spring 1967. It was built in 1906, shortly after the Fire of 1906. It was renamed in the 1950s in honor of long-serving Shimer administrator Angelina Beth Hostetter.

The building was connected to McKee Hall, immediately to its south, in 1947. This connection, known as Hostetter Annex became the main entrance to the dining room. It also housed the 100 line dial telephone exchange installed Spring of 66. Along with ones in Metcalf, the campus communication system or bulletin boards lined the hall. There was also a small room used by Student Governent and later as a private dinning room mostly for a student's conference with faculty. There was both a cellar, reachable from outside stairs to the east and a second story used for storage that could be entered from either building.

The 1950 catalog describes a "large, homelike common room" with fireplace on the first floor as a favorite student gathering place. Hostetter Lounge, as it was known, had a Steinway Patent Grand, built with but 85 keys, from the late 1800s.

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