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Henry Hazzen
Hw hazzen

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Henry Wilmarth Hazzen

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H.W. Hazzen, H.W.H.

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Seminary period faculty

Henry Wilmarth Hazzen was a professor of literature at Shimer College during the later Seminary period, from 1877 to 1896.

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This brief description is released under the CC0 copyright waiver.Henry Wilmarth Hazzen (1842–1899) was a professor of literature at Shimer College and a frequent speaker on the Midwestern and New England lecture circuits. Although he wrote numerous essays and columns, his only book, Fourteen Sonnets and Poems, a verse dialogue with the great writers and thinkers of the past, was published posthumously by his wife Isabel Dearborn. Although he died a half-century before Shimer actually adopted its present-day Great Books curriculum, he is sometimes considered the school's first Great Books instructor. (from Shimer College Wiki)

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  • in "Tribute to a Great Teacher", Shimer College Record 44:4, 1952, p. 5:
    A recent gift to the College was from W. F. Brewer, of Lodi, California, a copy of a volume of 'Fourteen Sonnets and Poems' by Henry Wilmarth Hazzen, who will be remembered by many as an early and inspiring member of the 'Seminary' faculty. The volume belonged to Mr. Brewer's wife, Mabel Gertrude Booth Brewer, a graduate in the class of 1894. In writing of possible publicity of the gift Mr. Brewer wrote, "I have no desire to urge any such publicity, but if it is intended, and I am not too late, I should like to suggest that the notice take the form of a tribute to Mr. Hazzen, Mabel's old teacher. His supreme author for his teaching of literature was Ralph Waldo Emerson, the great American Philosopher. He made Emerson a living force in the lives of his pupils. After Mabel and I were married we had her volume of Emerson's Essays which she used in his classes rebound. She went to the volume again and again in later years and the second volume was worn out before her death. Mrs. Brewer died June 11, 1951. When I gave the Emerson to my older daughter a few days ago the daughter found in the book dated notes and clippings showing she had gone back to reread again in very recent years. A lasting love of the things he taught is the finest tribute to a great teacher."


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