Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) was a German Idealist philosopher. He is read in several courses in the Shimer College curriculum. As of 2012, courses including texts by Hegel include Social Sciences 3, Humanities 4, and Integrative Studies 6.



  • by Jeff Sader, graduation speech, May 1992:
    The H stands for Hegel. Hegel is the subject of the loudest discussions in the curriculum.
  • by Adam Kotsko, "Brainstorming for an elective on Being and Time", 2012-04-12:
    To preempt some likely thoughts: Shimer students can handle this. A big group of them was doing a similar seminar over Phenomenology of Spirit when I was interviewing
  • by Peter Vincent, "Substituting Solar Panels for Great Books",, n.d.:
    If I had never learned to have courage and question a class about an imposing author such as Hegel or Plato, I may not have been able to do the same with confidence amidst my IPRO team. Fortunately my team members are able to provide ready explanations and feedback, unlike 19th century tomes about transcendental idealism.
  • by Allison Savage, "Eternal Return",, n.d.:
    It’s the beginning of a new term at Shimer and, while only in its infancy, this semester has become a statement about returning. In my Hegel class we’re constantly navigating the dialectical movement of the consciousness returning into itself; in Psychopathology I’m revisiting authors and material that I haven’t engaged with since my first year at Shimer. On top of the returns I’ve been encountering inside of the Shimer curriculum, I also find myself making a physical restoration – the reversal of a departure I made last spring.

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