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Hathaway, circa 2000

Hathaway Hall is a building on the Mount Carroll campus of Shimer College, used as a dormitory for most of its history. It was completed in November 1905, shortly before the Fire of 1906. The name, which was applied later, commemorates Mary L. Hathaway Corbett, a member of the class of 1869 and sister of Academy-period trustee Hattie LaPelley.[1]

At the time it was built the main entrance faced to the outside of campus, but at some point the main stairs were removed and the entry way landing bricked up with the rear entrance, facing into the quadrangle becoming the main entrance. There was also an entrance at the south end.

Hathaway was used as a dorm into the 50s. By the 60s the first floor was office space, the next class rooms, and much of the top occupied by student clubs. The dark room, the radio station (WRSB), and the Green Curtain Costume shop being there.

The basement, initially used as a gymnasium, had been the student grill until the construction of Howe, was divided into two spaces. The college book store and the Old Grill, used by Green Curtain as a theater space, Centre Stage Theater . At the south end, what had been shower stalls in the original, was a room used by Green Curtain , The Orange Horse and the book store for storage. Two sinks and some marble on the walls were all that remained of the orginal fixtures.


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