Waukegan campus Godot exterior front

Godot House was a small dormitory on the Waukegan campus of Shimer College, located at the southwest corner of campus immediately north of the parking lot. Acquired in 1993, it provided Shimer's first "on campus" housing since the move (the North Avenue Dorm being located about half a mile from the campus proper).

The name was taken from Samuel Beckett's play Waiting for Godot, in reference to the lengthy delay between the building's scheduled date of readiness and the time when it was actually ready for students to move in.


  • by Alan Perry in "Shimer in 158 words", May 2011:
    Later that night at Godot House we talked about who might graduate. Mike mentioned that statistically only two out of ten would graduate. A daunting fact as there were less than ten of us there. I knew I would have to work hard to make it. It turned out we beat the statistical odds in our class and everyone in that conversation would graduate with me.
  • by Michael Sussman, in comment on blog.shimer, 2009-09-18:
    My thoughts flickered back to the late Waukegan afternoons spent in David Lukens' office, the hours we devoted in tutorials deriving tensor equations and general relativity as the Sun quietly set over Godot House.


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