Frances Shimer reminiscences 073

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was considered a marvelous price. The Board delighted with result of purchase. Bargained for dried fruit. No fruit to be had in Milton. Had 9 or 11 bbls' choice dried peaches, peeled—bbl. of dried plums. Cost nearly 300.00.

Peter Hess of [Niagara] Co., much interested in their venture. Attended to purchase of fruit gratuitously, with great care. He learned of the condition of things on their new place & later sent roses, trees of various kinds—choicest ever put on the grounds, to Misses Wood & G. It was a great gift, most highly prized, came too late to plant, was stored through the winter—"heeled in" in Mr. Rinewalt's cellar as there was no cellar then at the Sem'y. This was considered a great gift.

Prof. Youmans made out a list of apparatus for the new Sem'y.

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