Shimer diary 090

Image and transcription of page 90 of the diary of Frances Shimer. Click here to edit or add text. - View this page on

Tuesday In the evening Mr. Wilson called to report to us the business of the meeting etc. among other things to talk of an arrangement about boarding our scholars the next quarter. Mr. Gray proposed to go on and enlarge his house, raise another story & covert it into a boarding house for the school: but we hardly think it just the thing, nor do the committee on the arrangement, so we made our proposition to them- that is as we had talked with Mr. Seaman to take our new scholars at 1.50 per week, though we continue to pay the same as now. Mr. W. was pleased with the proposition & will report to the committee on the subject. Mrs. Hostetter spent the evening with us etc.

Wednesday The committee are out today to select a location for the Seminary buildings. They ratified the arrangements with Mr. Seaman about board. After school Messrs. Halderman & Wilson called to report progress again & consult about circular for next quarter etc.

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