Shimer diary 084

Image and transcription of page 84 of the diary of Frances Shimer. Click here to edit or add text. - View this page on

reproach ourselves with & have no concessions to make,to anyone. If there were circumstances existing which it was for our interest & that of the enterprise to have been (made is crossed out) acquainted, we cannot but feel that the fault must rest with the friends of the enterprise that we were not earlier informed of them; and to expect us to gather such information from the ordinary gossip of the day is preposterous; for gentlemen must know that we wish to have no fellowship with news carriers & scandal bearers; here permit to say we ae truly grateful to you & Mr. Gray, as the President of your Board, for the kind & gentlemanly course he adopted & as we have said before, had that course been earlier adopted it (might-crossed out) would no doubt have spared us much pain & mortification & perhaps your beloved enterprise a stigma which we, as we love the cause we have espoused, would most gladly have had averted. And now we ask you, as gentlemen & as a committee who have this enterprize entirely

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