Shimer diary 073

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June 10th, 11, 12.

return we were treated to Lemonade & Ice Cream at Esq. Harrises. _Very_ tired.

Friday 10th. Very warm indeed. We were invited to go home with Mrs. Norton & the girls. Mr. Holingsworth came for us & we arrived to tea about six o'clock. It is six miles SW, beautiful section of country. In the evening, Mr. & Mrs. Stearns called at Mr. H. & invited us on the next day &c.

Sat. 11th. _Extremely warm_. Mrs. Stearns & Mrs. NOrton came up & took dinner with us, then we went down to Mrs. Stearns. They have a beautiful place, entirely shut in by trees & shrubery.

After tea Mr. S. took us out riding; went on the bluffs where we had a beautiful view of the Mississippi bottoms, lakes & now & then a glimpse of the great father of rivers. The surrounding coutnry is truly beautiful.

Sunday 12th. _Very very very warm._ We remained at Mr. Stearnses, attended church at Preston Prairie, Mr. Hill from Savanna preached

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