Shimer diary 065

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agitating the subject of building. They have g[..] taken three hundred shares of five dollars [..].We are pleased with the location of Carroll, on a ridge, bounded on one side by a stream of beautiful water (Carroll Creek) affording superior Hydraulic power etc Mt Carroll has 760 inhabitants, two Hotels, court house & county offices, 2 churches, several stores, one Female Seminary established by & under the Supervision of F.A.Wood & C.M. Gregory.

Sunday Pleasant, but very windy, prepared for church supposing we were early enough; but Mr. Wilson fearing we were not coming, came for us, saying that there was quite a large congregation as many were in from the country on purpose to see the Seminary teachers etc. Mr. Grey preached. The Rev. Mr. Allison, the Baptist clergyman, was present. Mr Seaman & sister went to church with us in the evening.

Monday Warm. Mr. Wilson says he or Mr. Baily will take charge of our Latin class. We called at Mr. W's in the morning, also at noon; he is having our rooms put in order.

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