Shimer diary 048

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Saturday 2nd. A delightful day. Mr. Geo. Powell called to give Cinda a note on the B.[..]Bank for the amount due her from the District; our Trustees have real(l)y done the fair thing by Cinda, so much better than most districts do, that I think they deserve much credit. After Mr. P. left, Cinda & I set out to make calls; first went to the village, called at Mr. M[....], were invited to take some refreshments,had some cakes, Lemonade & orange etc. ; next called at Mr. Hall's to get some straps for trunk which he made & sent over at evening (five of them) saying he made no charge, but Cinda proposed to pay him by giving him his [.....] Bill of some ten shil(l)ings, I believe which I think very generous [..] her[.]. I will however pay a part of it etc. Next called at Mr. N[....] & Mr. Penfields & then home, tired to death almost! Cinda & I settled up all our account square. I paid her for my part & Ann's share in the Anatomical Charts (1.66) & for [..Smith?] to send Mr. Stoddard (2.70) my school bill & [....] yet two things remain which I wished to pay that is my part

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