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Shimer diary 040

in the church & took refreshments at the house.

Thursday 3d. Had a visit from Mr. A. Nash of Troy; took dinner then Mr. McIntosh took him to the village.

Friday 4th. Went to the village & got caught in the rain.

Saturday 5th. A very rainy day, the snow wasteing rapidly. David came home from Saratoga.

Sabbath 6th. A stormy day -- no going to church.

Monday 7th. Busy sewing -- A pleasant day.

Tuesday 8th. A delightful day. Cinda came home sick before noon. In the P.M. I drove down to the village; got a letter from Ehle in Wisconsin.

Wednesday 9th. We attended a sewing party at Mr. Beattie's -- had a fine time -- Cinda came in the evening.

Thursday 10th. I got my harness home -- suits first rate -- it has cost me near $30 but it's cheap at that.

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Shimer diary 041

Friday 11th. Carried Mr. Hall two beds & the bedding for two beds & let them have the bed stead over to the other house & sent & got a card for him.

Saturday 12th. A fine day. M. & H. Nims spent the afternoon here. In the evening David went [to] the village.

Sabbath 13th. A snowy day, no going to church.

Monday 14th. A very windy, cold day—no sleighing scarcely—snow flying—whew!

Tuesday 15th. Rather pleasant. Caroline & I went to the village in the P.M., got five letters, two for Ann, one for Isaac, one for Cinda from [...] & one for Cinda & me from J. Wilson relative to our school at Mt. Carroll; it seems _very_ favorable. Ann came home with us from Rock City.

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Shimer diary 042

Friday We set out about 11 A.M. fo M[....] with a company of about (right side of letter not copied?) arrived at

[.] Tallmadges about 3 [P.M.] (page cut off) had a good visit there but was [.ey.] (page cut off) sick & disgusted with the company (page cut off) went with; the last time. I get caught with them I am petty sure.M.Nims came home with

the [..] (page cut off) Rcvd. a paper from J.Wilson

Saturday A pleasant but cold day- in the P.M. Cinda & I went to the village & home by Mr. B[il..]ing. Sarah came home with us, stayed till Monday morning-

Sabbath Cinda, Sarah & I went over to church. In the P.M. we went & carried Ann to R.City.

Tuesday 22.nd A snowy morning ending with rain.

Wednesday 23.rd A very rainy day-cleared off just at evening so we all

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Shimer diary 043

went to the "Hilton Centre House' kept by [.] Rogers to the Donation Party for the benefit of Mrs. Lo(we?)

Thursday Mailed a letter to J. Wilson saying we would go on to open the school the first of May. I went to the

village, mailed one to El[.] also & Cinda one home & Grace one to B. B. Richard. Recvd a letter from Geo. Purdy.

Went after Cinda & called at Mr.Billings. N[ar?] Penfield came home with us, stayed all night.

Friday Carried Cinda to school & took S. Billings out to Galway to visit the Female Seminary &fetch Gertrude

Clark home. Had a very good visit- saw H. Stillwell & [c.] Called to see Mrs. Knight. She will come & do our sewing

about the 20th of March. A very cold windy day----

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Shimer diary 044

Saturday A pleasant day (we) spent A(t) home Sewing very but ? Tr[...a] came in the A.M. & cut work to make for Cinda. Maria & John Cl[..te] visited here (page cut off) in the evening. Recvd. A paper from J. Wilson in which was published a part of our letter to him relative to our plan for a school with the addition of quite a puff by the Editor & also the Seminary Charter in full. The article is headed "Mt. Carroll Seminary etc."

Sabbath A very pleasant day but Caroline had the sick headache so we did no(t) go to church. In the P.M. we rode up & called on Ann.

Monday A very snowy day

Tuesday March A rainy day- after school Cinda & I rode down to the village.

Wednesday 2.nd A pleasant day in the evening we went down to the village

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