Shimer diary 015

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Monday 9th. A fine morning & David [fetched] me up; Charles J. had a letter for me, which he took out of the P.O. on Friday & here I have been fretting about Cinda when she was not to blame. She writes favourably about coming here, but must wait till she hears from Prof. Stoddard. Oh how happy I shall be if she _can_ come, & _enjoy_ herself, yet I dare not even hope, much more _anticipate_ the consumation of our long wished for dream for we have been so _many_ times disappointed. Invited to Mr. Safford's to meet Mr. & Mrs. Scott & Mrs. Blake.

Tuesday 10th. A thawy day; went to Mr. Starr's; had a pleasant time. All seem _very_ anxious I should engage here for a year, _but_ I can't, nor _will not_, till I know for sure what Cinda is going to do. Saw Mr. Penfield; he first asked me if I could not be persuaded to teach the school on the Hill; I told him I _would not_; he thought they would give me

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