Shimer diary 014

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Thursday 5th. A fine day again. Mr. & Mrs. Seymour & Mrs. Blake were here to Mr. S's on a visit &c.

Friday 6th. A fine morning but commenced snowing in the P.M. David & Elijah came after me. Martha Chapman invited me in the forenoon.

Saturday 7th. A thawy but _very_ windy day. David & I rode out; went to the Paper mill, I got a quantity of paper for my school. Called at Mr. Spencer's & Mr. Nimses.

Sunday 8th. A fine _cool_ day. I don't get any letter from Cinda yet; it's strange indeed -- is she getting in her old way of neglecting her friend -- I have now three letters to her unanswered -- if she knew how anxious I am that she should come here as I have written her, I am sure she would not delay so, but perhaps she waits to hear from Mr. Stoddard, but probably she has some good reason for it, so I will try to be patient & hope for the best.

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